‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ delayed by two weeks in Malaysia

A reason for the delay was not provided by Disney Malaysia

Malaysian fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to wait an additional two weeks past the international release date to catch Thor: Love and Thunder.

According to a Malay Mail report, TGV chief marketing officer Mohit Bhargava said that the delay had come as a surprise to the cinema operator, adding that the movie had seen strong pre-sales numbers. “The announcement by Disney Malaysia earlier today confirms we must all wait for another two weeks to enjoy this epic blockbuster on the big screen, now releasing July 21,” he told the newspaper.

No statement on the delay has been made by Disney Malaysia so far, but cinema operators GSC and TGV have announced the delay on their social media pages, promising refunds for all buyers within 14 working days. The TGV social media pages have gone a step further in their posts, requesting fans not to direct their questions at the operator as no reason has been given to them either.


Fans have not taken the news of the delay kindly, taking to social media to air their grievances. One commenter on TGV’s Facebook page wrote, “I have patience, but not understanding till there is a proper statement released on the reason. We’re not androids you can just tell to behave, we are owed an explanation [sic]”, while another pointed to the reported inclusion of a salacious scene involving Chris Hemsworth, writing on GSC’s Facebook post, “Whattttt. Because Disney refuse to blur Thor’s backside? Now Disney really disappoints me.”

See more reactions from would-be moviegoers below.


Thor: Love and Thunder star Christian Bale recently revealed that Kate Bush‘s music was almost featured in the movie, as director Taika Waititi had planned a Bush-inspired dance scene that was ultimately cut.

Bale also addressed the fan excitement that revolved around The Dark Knight actor ‘entering’ the Marvel Cinematic universe, saying, “I’d read that, and people would go, ‘Oh, look at this! He’s entered the MCU!’ And I’d go, ‘I’ve done what? I haven’t entered shit, thank you very much.’ I’m like, ‘The MCU?’ I had to ask what that was.”

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