‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ delayed “indefinitely” in Malaysia

The Marvel blockbuster was initially delayed to July 21 in Malaysia, two weeks after the international release date

Malaysian fans hoping to catch Thor: Love and Thunder in cinemas have been dealt another blow as the blockbuster superhero film has been delayed yet again.

According to cinema operator TGV, the release of Thor: Love and Thunder in Malaysia has been postponed “indefinitely”, writing on their social media that Disney has yet to set a new release date. Cinema operator GSC concurred in their social media statement, which said that the movie’s release has been “undated”.


Disney Malaysia has yet to make a statement on the postponement.

This marks the second postponement of the film’s release. Earlier this month, it was announced that the Marvel blockbuster would be delayed to July 21 in Malaysia, two weeks after its international release. Malaysians on social media reacted negatively to the initial announcement, questioning if the inclusion of a salacious scene involving Chris Hemsworth or a same-sex kissing scene involving the character Valkyrie was the reason for the delay.

Disney’s Buzz Lightyear was also postponed in Malaysian cinemas earlier this year after the studio refused to cut a same-sex kissing scene, leading to the movie eventually being banned in the country.

Malaysians were understandably frustrated with the decision, with many commenting they would seek out alternatives to watch the movie. “It’s not Thor & Thunder anymore in Malaysia, it’s Thor & Tunda,” one social media user opined, finding some levity in the situation by using the Bahasa Malaysia word for ‘delay’ or ‘postpone’.

Another would-be moviegoer wrote, “Waited so long to watch Thor: Love and Thunder here in Malaysia just for it to be ‘postponed indefinitely’, what a progressive country we live in reason no. 37352628263573 I can’t wait to leave this country,” punctuating their frustration with an eye-rolling emoji.

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NME gave Thor: Love and Thunder a four-out-of-five star rating, with writer James Mottram praising the film for managing to reach for “something more profound than simply another hero/villain showdown”. The movie’s attention to detail was also praised, as Thor confronts issues of “parenthood, relationships, responsibility, and mortality” in what amounts to a coming of age tale for the Asgardian.

Elsewhere, director Taika Waititi has admitted that a meme involving Taylor Swift‘s 2012 single ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ partly inspired a scene featuring screaming goats in Thor: Love and Thunder. While the scene’s inclusion in the film was initially unplanned, Waititi said that it made the final cut because the screams “were freakin’ awesome”.