‘Train To Busan’ director on US remake: “I don’t think that there needs to be similarities”

"I actually hope that it will have its very own unique qualities and a new vision"

Yeon Sang-ho, who directed the hit 2016 film Train To Busan, has shared his thoughts and hopes for the film’s upcoming US remake, Last Train To New York. 

During a recent interview with TIMEYeon discussed his thoughts and perspective on the upcoming American remake of Train To Busan, as well as his hopes for how the final product might turn out.

“We use the expression or word ‘remake’, but I do not think that a remake is something that you just apply more sophisticated technology to based on an original piece of work,” he said. “I believe a remake should be a completely new creation.”


Yeon explained that he “do[es] not think that there needs to be similarities between the remake and the original Train To Busan“, adding that he hopes Last Train To New York “will have its very own unique qualities and a new vision”.

He explained that Last Train To New York should be a film that “holds the new director’s vision”, as overwhelming similarities to its original source material might render a remake unnecessary. “In fact, as the creator, if it was almost exactly interpreted compared to the original work, wouldn’t it be better to just watch the original Train to Busan?”

The filmmaker was also behind Netflix’s latest hit K-drama series Hellboundwhich had officially become the streaming platform’s most-watched show after racking up over 43million “hours viewed” just three days after its release on November 19.

“I was so stunned, bewildered and grateful for this result,” said Yeon of the achievement, after revealing that he hadn’t anticipated its global success during initial discussions for the show’s conception with Netflix.