Watch the trailer for ‘DEEP’, Netflix’s new Thai thriller about sleep deprivation

The film premieres globally on July 16

Netflix has launched the trailer for its upcoming Thai thriller film, DEEP, which premieres globally next month.

The short sneak peek introduces the premise of the show: promised large sums of money, four insomniac medical students volunteer for a neuroscience experiment by a German company and get injected with a drug called Deep. The catch is if they must not fall asleep – or they may die.

Watch the trailer here:


DEEP premieres globally on Netflix on July 16. According to its screenwriter Kittitat Nokngam, the movie hopes to raise questions on the insomniac lifestyles of today’s youth.

“The inspiration behind the film is essentially what we have to face in everyday reality. Young people my age often have to live with sleep deprivation as a fact of life, and this led us to the question – what can we achieve by giving up sleep? What if we can simply go about our routines, deprive ourselves of sleep, and still make money out of it? Why would we not do it?” he said in a statement.

It stars up-and-coming actors Care-Panisara Rikulsurakan as Jane, Kay Lertsittichai as Win, Fern-Supanaree Sutavijitvong as Cin, and Kit-Krit Jeerapattananuwong as Peach. The Netflix original is a collaboration project between Bangkok University’s film students and local film studio Transformation Films.