Watch the trailer for Netflix Philippines’ new animated film, ‘Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story’

Revolving around a love triangle and exploring mature themes

Netflix Philippines has released the trailer for its new animated film coming to the streaming platform this October: Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story.

The film tells the story of feline Nimfa Dimaano (voiced by Angelica Panganiban), a perfume saleswoman, and her mongrel janitor boyfriend Roger (voiced by Robin Padilla), who appear to have different life goals.

Dimaano soon finds herself entangled in a love triangle with a rich businessman (or businessdog, as Netflix Philippines puts it), and has to decide between the simple life or living it up. The trailer for the film seems to build to an eventual showdown between the two men fighting over Dimaano’s heart.


The film’s trailer can be found below.

Despite its universal visual appeal, Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story explores mature themes including sex, drug use and more.

The film also features a purely Filipino cast and crew, including director Avid Liongoren, supporting voice actors Empoy Marquez, Piolo Pascual, and Arci Muñoz, and animation from Rocketsheep Studios’ Erickson Raymundo and more.

Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story will begin streaming on Netflix from October 29 onwards.


In other Filipino film news, director Antoinette Jadaone’s upcoming film Fan Girl is set to premiere at the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival this October.

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