Watch the action-packed trailer for ‘The Childe’ starring Kim Seon-ho

The upcoming action noir film, previously titled ‘Sad Tropics’, premieres in June

The first trailer for the upcoming South Korean film The Childe (previously titled Sad Tropics) starring Kim Seon-ho has been released.

Starring Kim Seon-ho, the film follows Marco (Kang Tae-joo), a boxer of mixed Filipino and Korean descent as he travels to South Korea in search of his estranged father. However, he soon finds himself being pursued by a dangerous organisation, led by a man known as the Nobleman (played by Kim), making his trip far more complicated than expected.

The new trailer introduces the Nobleman as he tails Marco in the Philippines while the latter prepares for his trip to South Korea. The pair officially meet on their flight to Korea when the Nobleman sits next to Marco, introducing himself as a friend of the boxer’s.


Upon landing in Korea, Marco quickly becomes caught up in gun fights and car chases as his unknown pursuers catch wind of his arrival. “It’s nothing personal. We’re pros, and this is just business,” says the Nobleman when Marco repeatedly questions his identity and motives.

The trailer also offers glimpses of Kim Kang-woo as Han Yi-sa, a second-generation son of a wealthy conglomerate family and Go A-ra as a mysterious woman who is linked to Marco and his pursuers.

The Childe is set to premiere in South Korean cinemas on June 21, and in the Philippines on July 5.

Kim’s appearance in The Childe will mark his feature film debut, and will also be his first project since Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. It also comes after a tumultuous 2021, when the actor was caught up in a controversy with his alleged ex-girlfriend, who had accused the actor of mistreatment.

Shortly after the allegations, South Korean news outlet Dispatch released several reports featuring supposed conversations between Kim and his former girlfriend, which appeared to contradict the initial accusations she made towards Kim.

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