‘Wonder Woman 1984’ first reactions: “One of DC’s best sequels”

"Quite simply the best DC film since The Dark Knight"

The first reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 are in.

Following the first screening of Patty Jenkins’ long-awaited sequel to the 2017 DC film, critics have shared thoughts on Twitter regarding the film set for release this month.

Erik Davis, Managing Editor at Fandango tweeted: “I’m so happy to report that #WW84 is an absolute blast from start to finish. An exceptional compliment to the first film, it’s stuffed w/ heart, hope, love, action, romance & humor.


“@PattyJenks, @GalGadot & team delivered one of DC’s best sequels. I was in tears when it ended.”

The film, starring Gal Gadot as the titular character alongside Kristen Wiig, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal and more, takes place in 1984 during the Cold War as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman faces new enemies.

Here’s some more critics’ responses to Wonder Woman 1984:

Freelance critic Courtney Howard: “#WonderWoman1984 is spectacularly fun. A blockbuster with lots to value. Tonally reminiscent of the SUPERMAN movies in the best spots. Delivers a different kind of empowering kick than the original. Sentiments & themes are thoroughly enriching. Action sequences, sublime.”


Amy Ratcliffe, Managing Editor of Nerdist: “I got to watch Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday and… honestly it’s just what I needed. What we all need. It’s uplifting, hopeful, and so utterly Wonder Woman. Just a beautiful film with themes that hit you right in the heart. #WW84”

Eric Eisenberg, Events Editor for CinemaBlend: “Huge news: Wonder Woman 1984 is fantastic! The story is excellent & has a great, timely message; it packs in a ton of surprises; and amazing work is done with both Cheetah & Max Lord (Wiig & Pascal are both stellar). Get hyped, because it’s the real deal.”

Freelance critic Ben Mekler: “I really wasn’t expecting to love #WW84, but it is without a doubt the movie we need right now. Full of wonder, optimism, and a near-fetishistic obsession with 1984’s favorite toy, the koosh ball, WONDER WOMAN 1984 is quite simply the best DC film since THE DARK KNIGHT”

The film is set for a theatrical release in the UK on December 16. In the US, it will be released both in cinemas and on HBO Max on December 25.

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