Zack Snyder teases image of Jared Leto’s Joker in ‘Justice League’ cut


Zack Snyder has shared an image of Jared Leto’s Joker in his forthcoming Justice League cut.

The filmmaker, whose extended director’s cut of the 2017 DC movie arrives next month, has been teasing elements of his four-hour epic in the run-up to its release. The latest is a blurry image of Leto as the Joker holding up a playing card with a vinyl gloved-hand.

In a post on Twitter, Snyder tagged both Leto and Suicide Squad director David Ayer, writing: “Amazing character you created. Honoured to have our worlds collide.” Leto first portrayed the Joker in Ayer’s 2016 movie.


As Den Of Geek notes there are a few takeaways from the image: “Those creepy vinyl gloves sure give off a surgical or serial killer vibe, and it’s difficult to tell, but it seems possible he’s wearing surgical scrubs, as well.

“The Joker card he’s holding is of particular significance, though. It’s the very same image seen on the Joker card the character holds in his very first appearance, in 1940’s Batman #1 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane.”

The teaser follows the recent announcement of the film’s release date (March 19 on HBO Max) and confirmation that it will be a four-hour film, not a four-part miniseries that would precede the movie.

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder’s Justice League looks like it could be his last in the DC universe, with the director saying recently that he has no current plans to film any more DC movies.


Snyder was originally on board of the 2017 DC movie Justice League as director but stepped down during post-production after the death of his daughter. Joss Whedon took over from him on the film.