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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ update adds heartbreaking ‘Edgerunners’ reference

The theory is Lucy has set this tribute up to the other characters

‘Cuisineer’ is an indie game that combines ‘Diablo’, ‘Stardew Valley’, and food

BattleBrew Productions' upcoming game tasks players with battling monsters while running a restaurant

OneRepublic release new song for ‘Assassin’s Creed Mirage’

This was "a dream come true", shared pop star Mishaal Tamer

‘Diablo 4”s Lilith is coming to ‘Call Of Duty’

The Haunting kicks off on October 17

‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ lets players bully a giant into becoming a bridge

The newest footage was narrated by director Hideaki Itsuno

‘The Division 3’ confirmed, will be produced by ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ director

'The Division' is still in its "early years" said Julian Gerighty

Influential ‘Garry’s Mod’ modder Dave “Dav0r” Hunt has died aged 35

A memorial service will be held for the community in October

‘Tales Of The Shire’ trailer reveals “cosy” ‘Lord Of The Rings’ game

This will be a "distinctive, new Middle-earth gaming experience"