15-year-old Twitch streamer goes viral for pyro-fuelled bedroom raves

The teenager's Twitch streams are packed with pyrotechnics, intense light shows, and plenty of hardstyle

A 15-year-old Twitch streamer has gone viral after broadcasting a series of raves – complete with pyrotechnic effects and laser shows – from the comfort of his bedroom.

Epilepsy warning: the videos embedded in this article include strobe effects and flashing lights.

Going by the Twitch username Crossmauz, the 15-year-old streamer from Germany recently found fame after Twitter user ‘kittyzandpichu’ (via Dexerto) visited their channel after reportedly being killed by the streamer on Modern Warfare 2.


As you can see below, Crossmauz’s streams consist of the teen hosting intense raves in his bedroom – complete with laser shows, pyrotechnics, and incredibly loud hardstyle music.

Crossmauz’s Twitch channel includes recordings of his past livestreams, which all match the frantic energy of the video above.

Crossmauz hasn’t streamed in nearly two weeks, so it’s unclear if he’s aware that his content has gone viral. The video shared by ‘Kittyzandpichu’ has racked up over 7.5million views, while a video of Crossmauz’s last stream now has nearly 50,000 views.

In many of Crossmauz’s streams, he wears a tracker that shows viewers a live reading of his heart rate. In this particular video, his pulse rockets up to 170 during a particularly loud track (skip to around 02:31:00).


Despite the high intensity, most of Crossmauz’s recent streams have lasted between two and three hours – meaning the German streamer is putting on a length set for his online following.

On Twitter, Crossmauz’s newfound fans have shared kind words for the streamer – though lots of users have wondered how his parents manage to cope with the noise.

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