A brand new ‘Redfall’ trailer shows off weapons

A new official trailer for ‘Redfall’ from Arkane Studios shows loadout and skill tree information

During the Xbox and Bethesda showcase this summer we got a good look at Redfall from Arkane Studios. The new open world co-op shooter kicked the show off and since then we’ve been given more details on the game’s story. Today (June 30) we were treated to another new trailer which gives a glimpse at loadout systems and the skill tree.

Most of the gameplay in the new trailer is carried over from the showcase, giving us an insight to the game’s hero abilities and open environments. Arkane did sneak a glimpse at the skill tree system, which hadn’t been seen until now, and should add further depth and understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Hero and loadout customisation looks to be a key feature, and we were even shown some weapon specifics such as the Sawfish, a “superior stake launcher” which has increased accuracy while moving and increased damage. The game shows off several statistics including rating, rate of fire, reload rate and magazine size.


The rating feature is especially interesting, and should help those without the greatest knowledge of weapon loadouts to create efficient combinations at a high level. One such feature shown off is “short range hoarding” which requires the player to be level one and costs one skill point. Unfortunately, we’re not told what “short range hoarding” does in this trailer.

There looks to be three weapons available at any one time, with one being green, one purple and one blue. As of yet, it’s unclear if these are weapon type slots, or if the colours relate to the rating of the weapon. There’s also a section which shows available Vampire God Remnants, Soul Remnants and Blood Remnants which suggests weapons are both customisable and upgradable.

Redfall is set to release for Xbox Series X/S and PC and will be available on day one on Game Pass.

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