A copy of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ sells for almost £3000 because of a ramen sticker

The Famicom Disk System holds some rare treasures

A copy of The Legend of Zelda for the Famicom Disk System has sold for around £3000, all because it has a sticker with the name of a popular noodle brand on it.

The sale was first spotted by Japanese author and game collector Jironosuke, and then subsequently Tales of Arise lead English translator Tom James. The auction was held on Yahoo, and closed on December 20, with the final price being 453,000 yen, or around £2,980 at the time of writing. Regular editions of the game are currently going for under £100 on Ebay.

The reason for the high sale price was because this edition of The Legend of Zelda had a unique sticker on the disk itself.


The Legend of Zelda Famicom Disk System
Left: Standard copy of The Legend of Zelda for Famicom Disk System. Right: Charumera copy of The Legend of Zelda for Famicom Disk System. Credit: Nintendo/ Gaming Alexandria/ WorthPoint.

Normal copies of the adventure game came with a sticker showing the logo, and which side of the disk it was. However, on the version that sold for just under £3,000, the sticker had the logo for Myojo Food’s Charumera brand ramen.

Last year Gaming Alexandria did an investigation into the Legend of Zelda Famicom Disk System copy with the ramen sticker. They found that 1500 copies of the Charumera brand version of Zelda were given out as part of a prize, alongside a Famicom and Famicom Disk System.

For those who don’t know, the Famicom was the original name of the Nintendo Entertainment System, before it made its way over to the west. Both the Famicom and the NES used cartridges, though the former were different in shape. The Disk System, released in 1986, served the purpose of allowing for more expansive games by using proprietary floppy disks. By 1989, it was obsolete and production ceased. The Disk System was only ever released in Japan.

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