A fan group is recreating ‘Super Mario World’ from memory

It's-a me! Or is it?

A group of Mario fans are recreating Super Mario World from memory.

In a post to SMWCentral, a group of users of the site have created what they call a “hack” which aims to recreate the game from scratch, mapping out the various levels purely from the memory of the group.

“We challenged ourselves to reconstruct all the levels, maps, and songs in Super Mario World (1994) based purely on what we could remember. The result is thoroughly unsettling. Please enjoy this testament to the fallibility of human memory.”


The hack, which has been downloaded over 500 times in the past week by SMWCentral users, currently has a 4.2 rating on the site. However, according to the comments, the reception to ‘SMW Remade from Memory’ has been mixed.

User AndreDK7 commented: “It’s just vanilla with some modifications. Not good at all, IMO.”

Another user, Alex_X8, commented that they’d hoped that the project would be more collaborative: “I would like that this kind of projects would be open to the public during its development, in order to let anyone available that want to contribute ideas to do it, but I understand that you all are a big group of close friends and the work and organization between you all flows very well (and I think would be a hell to organize an open-public project). I’m still impressed with every aspect of this hack, and currently still routing other categories beyond 11 Exit. Thanks to every individual creator in the list for contributing to make this a reality.”

User Amethyst summed up it up by saying: “This hack is basically all the weird uncanny valley people in Polar Express but, you know, SMW. The game over music is legitimately unsettling, 5/5″.

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