‘A Total War Saga: Troy’ heads to Steam, with new ‘Mythos’ DLC

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Strategy epic A Total War Saga: Troy is finally heading to Steam, and will be bringing a brand new expansion pack with it when it arrives.

While the base game has already leaned into Greek mythology, publisher Sega says the upcoming Mythos expansion will allow players to “embark on one of three new expeditions to track, fight and tame legendary beasts and unleash them upon your enemies.”

Players will be able to pursue Cerberus, guard dog of Hades; a griffin, described as “a deadly master of the skies”; and the Hydra, the nine-headed serpent that challenged Herakles. New units will also be recruitable while existing units will receive “mythological redesigns”.


However, for many fans of the series, the big news is that A Total War Story: Troy is finally coming to Steam. The game was originally released on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive in August 2020. Sega made the game free to download and keep for the first 24 hours, which saw 7.5m players claim it.

The game launches on Valve’s platform on September 2, alongside the Mythos expansion, which will also be available to players with the Epic release. On Steam, the new release will come in three editions.

The standard contains just the base game, while the “Mythic Edition” includes Mythos. The “Heroic Edition” delivers the base game, expansion, and both the ‘Amazons’ and the ‘Ajax and Diomedes’ DLC packs. Discounts of up to 40 per cent will be available until September 30.

Developers Creative Assembly Sofia will also be adding a new ‘Historical Mode’ to the game, free to all players. The studio says this “offers refreshing gameplay that overhauls  Troy’s features so that players can experience the Aegean conflict from a realistic, history-first perspective. Such changes include wars being fought between generals and their bodyguards instead of one-man armies wielding the powers of gods.”


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