Activision Blizzard staff claim recruiters want them to stop talking about toxic culture

Recruiters for the studio claim that they are having trouble finding candidates

Employees at Activision Blizzard, which includes Candy Crush developer King, are claiming that recruiters are telling them to stop talking about the company’s toxic culture.

The claim appears to have come from Valentine Powell, a senior UI engineer for World Of Warcraft, who tweeted yesterday (August 17), “I’m seeing recruiters approaching ABK workers who are pushing for change, telling them to stop being so loud. Apparently its making it hard for them to find candidates.”

Another Blizzard employee, Jessica Gonzalez, responded to this with a screengrab that reportedly comes from a recruiter.


“I am on the front line as a Recruiter,” the message reads. “Some of the articles that you are sharing are freaking candidates out.”

The message continued, “Can you please share what we are doing as a company to eliminate such toxic behavior? ABK [Activision Blizzard King] has made many strides to head this off. Your updates don’t seem to address this.”

Using the hashtag #ABetterABK, Powell continued that “It is never ok to tell people to stop advocating for a better workplace.”

“Our requests of leadership have not changed, and have not yet been actioned on. We want our companies to be better, but we cannot do it alone, and that requires us to be vocal and persistent in asking them to step up.”


Since last month’s lawsuit exposed Activision Blizzard’s company-wide allegations of abuse and sexual harassment, more stories have emerged detailing its toxic culture, which has included accusations of transgender employees being deadnamed.

There have also been departures of senior staff, the latest including two key Diablo IV figures and a World Of Warcraft designer.

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