‘ActRaiser Renaissance’ remasters the classic SNES platformer and city building hybrid

The surprise remaster is out now on Switch and Steam

Square Enix has announced ActRaiser Renaissance, a surprise remaster of the classic SNES title, and it’s out now on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Originally developed by Enix, ActRaiser was an unusual hybrid split into 2D platforming action (Realm Acts) and city-building simulation (Realm Management) but has been regarded as a cult release for the SNES since launching in 1990.

ActRaiser Renaissance features “remastered” 2D graphics, although it appears that most of the sprite work has been completely redrawn and presentable in HD. It also includes 15 new music tracks, although the original soundtrack from acclaimed Streets Of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro has also been given a new arrangement.


The game tasks players as The Lord of Light who must help humanity flourish while defending them from a world beset by evil.

This is done in Realm Acts, where enemies are fought in 2D action stages, the realms which are then reclaimed by humans to be cultivated. New magic not available in the original game has been added as well as the ability to dodge, while players can now also attack upward and downward.

The Realm Management side of the game has players in the role of The Lord of Light’s angels who uses their powers to cultivate settlements and offer guidance. Miraculous powers can also be used to summon lightning or trigger earthquakes to remove obstacles like trees and boulders, while they can also use bow and arrows or builds forts to drive back invading monsters in real-time strategy battles

ActRaiser Renaissance also adds new stories, expanded action and realm management gameplay, additional action stages, as well as an all-new realm, and a new, powerful boss. There are also modern conveniences such as an auto-save system and a variety of difficulty levels.

The game is out now on the Switch eShop and Steam for £24.99.


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