‘Age Of Empires 4’ patch notes detail incoming Springald nerf

They are coming for your siege weapons

Relic Entertainment has released the notes for an upcoming Age Of Empires 4 patch that will nerf the Springald unit.

The patch notes were released last Friday before being taken down. They have since been reuploaded with a “preview” tag (as spotted by PCGamesN) and detail a small list of upcoming changes, primarily affecting the Springald.

Springald will cost 50 more gold and wood to produce and deal half as much damage. However, it will gain a significant increase in the amount of damage it does to siege engines. “We’ve refocused the Springald unit to be strong vs exclusively siege units and not a generalist that is effective against most units,” a developer note says.


Other changes detailed include fixes for several buildings that would return more resources than they should when deleted. Another exploit with Chinese Traders and Neutral and Allied Markets has also been fixed.

There are also a handful of known issues detailed in the Age Of Empires 4 patch notes:

  • Currently, UI Narration is available in English-only. When updating from previous versions of the game using a non-English language, you may find Narrator UI enabled due to previous settings. To disable this, please switch your language temporarily to English to disable the option from settings.
  • Mongol civilisation players can produce additional Gold by storing a relic within a Prayer Tent and then repeatedly packing and unpacking the building.
  • Prelates do not always auto-inspire units when moving between groups.
  • Lodya Attack Ships (Rus civilization) currently receive additional health if built after researching the Armored Hull upgrade.

There is currently no release date for the Age Of Empires 4 patch, but players will no longer be able to view replays from previous versions once it is released.

In other news, The Game Awards will feature “four or five things” on the level of Elden Ring’s reveal.