‘Aliens: Fireteam Elite’ free update adds new playable phalanx class

A new shield-wielding class to take down the swarm

Cold Iron Studios has released today (September 8) a new update for Aliens: Fireteam Elite that adds a new playable class free for all players.

The Phalanx class is named after its collapsible shield, as it operates as mobile bunkers capable of anchoring a team. Only one arm is needed to hold the shield, which leaves the other hand free for a Handgun or a CQC weapon. If a phalanx becomes swarmed, they can trigger a point-blank shock pulse that disrupts nearby foes.

The Phalanx is free for all players and will unlock immediately when players log in after Season 1 goes live. The update includes a full suite of perks available for the Phalanx, which are obtainable through gameplay.


Four new weapons have also been added. The L33 Pike, the L59 Minigun, the Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle, and the N79 EVA Laser. Alongside these are two new gun colourways, two new decals, and a new straw cowboy hat.

New paid cosmetic DLC is also available. The Wey-Yu armoury is available for £8.99 or those who own the deluxe edition. The pack contains 12 kit skins, four weapon decals, four head accessories, four weapon colourways, four emotes, and a handful of additional items.

Also included in the patch notes is a change to the way weapons level up. Previously, all level-based benefits were immediately applied to the weapons, even though the weapon had not yet unlocked them. The update will set all currently owned weapons to max level to avoid negatively affecting current Aliens: Fireteam Elite players.

Weapon XP will also change as a result. Guns will level up faster and reach level four for the same amount of XP that would previously achieve level 3.


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