‘Aliisha – The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses’ a Nintendo Switch exclusive announced

Don't we all want to control a robot?

Announced today during Nintendo‘s Indie World showcase, Aliisha – The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive game.

In this 3D puzzle adventure, players take control of both Aisha and her twin sister Lisha controlling her robot companion AMBU, as they explore the legends of local temples. The game can be played solo or co-operatively with each player taking control of one twin. Each character also has their own form of control as Aisha is controlled with the joy-con and AMBU, controlled remotely in game, is controlled with the touchscreen.


There are multiple endings in this choices matter game and players will have to work together to come to each decision. Sharing and co-operation play a unique role in not only the controls and decisions but also in the themes of the game. To play in local co-op it appears players will require two Switches however.

Aliisha – The Oblivion Of Twin Goddesses will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch, however publisher pQube has confirmed that there will be both a physical and digital version available for sale. It has also revealed the pre-orders for the collector’s edition is already available, with goods including a 126 piece jigsaw puzzle.

No exact release date has been confirmed, but it should become available sometime early next year with a predicted window for launch of spring 2022.

In other news, 19 titles were revealed at today’s (December 15) Nintendo Indie World showcase, and four of them will be available for players to purchase and download now, with further demos and pre-orders also becoming available. Other titles include Sea Of Stars by the developers of The Messenger,  and OlliOlli World which received a confirmed release date for February next year.

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