Amanita Design release grisly psychedelic trailer for ‘Happy Game’

Well, it’s not another Samorost

The newest game from Amanita Design, Happy Game, has a gameplay trailer that looks quite different from their other work.

Amanita Design has produced such childhood favourites as Samorost, Botanicula, and Machinarium – using innovative tactile responses to shape point-and-click adventures.

Happy Game looks like quite a departure from the usual, upbeat, child-friendly games the studio produces in this bloody, gore-filled first look.


The trailer shows a little boy who is supposedly in a dream, traversing psychedelic landscapes filled with exploding heads, bloodied rabbits, and sinister tentacled beasts. The soundtrack is a mix of creepy sounds and laboured breathing provided by Czech freakfolk band DVA.

According to the trailer, Happy Game will be released in Autumn of 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch. The official description of the game reads: “A little boy falls asleep to a horrible nightmare. Can you make him happy again?”

The purpose of Happy Game is to solve puzzles and ‘cheer up’ the boy throughout this nightmare. The Steam page issues warnings to potential players that “Happy Game depicts various fantasy characters participating in highly absurd comical violence.

You’ll often see blood on the floor (best case scenario), witness the decapitation of adorable bunnies, and much more. No filter. Please note: Happy Game is not a happy game.”

The game’s trailer premiered at E3′s Future Games Show alongside many others.


Some of the latest games to be announced during E3 include dual character fighter Soulstice, curtain-twitching mystery Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View, and Ixion – a space station management sim.

With a few more announcement streams to go – including Nintendo and Capcom – keep an eye on NME’s E3 Hub for the latest rumours, schedules, and announcements.

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