Amazon MMO ‘New World’ hits “mostly positive” review rating on Steam

A positive development

After a slightly troubled launch, Amazon’s MMO New World may have found its footing, with the game now enjoying a “Mostly Positive” review aggregate on Steam.

At time of writing (October 12), the game has 104,484 reviews on the PC gaming storefront, with a significant 72 per cent of them being positive.

One player wrote that they “haven’t played an MMO this much since the mid 2000s of early World of Warcraft and Runescape“, while another praised New World’s crafting systems, an aspect of MMOs they say they “usually hate”. Others have applauded the gameplay loop, giving players plenty to do to improve skills between quests, and the game’s balance between PvE and PvP content.


However, even in the positive reviews there is some criticism of the game to be found. One player writes that “the game is GOOD at most”. They also decry its lack of variety, saying that there seems to be only “three types of monsters in the game throughout all zones” pointing to repetitious quests. “It would be nice to have a bit of variety going on, because all it seems so far is doing the exact same thing over and over with the same monsters, but higher level.”

Overall though, developer Amazon Game Studios will doubtlessly be pleased with the response to New World, especially in light of issues that have impeded the game’s launch. Last week (October 6), the online game suffered extended downtime after a planned maintenance session, while the studio is also facing some disgruntled players after backtracking on earlier statements indicating it would allow users to swap their server regions. This means some users are unable to play together with friends.

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