Amazon revising “internal processes” following ‘New World’ YouTuber copyright strike

"We have since removed the strike and the video is live again," said Amazon Games

Amazon Game Studios has apologised for filing a copyright strike on a New World YouTuber that found an in-game bug, and says it will be revising its internal process to prevent it from happening in the future.

After YouTuber Video Game DataBank found an aptitude skill bug in the game that was costing them XP and coins, they made a video explaining what not to do so other players could avoid it. They sent the video to Amazon Games support only to have a manual copyright strike put on the video and their channel.

Whilst the video is now back up on the platform, the reason for Amazon’s manual copyright strike was unknown, as explained in DataBank’s initial video response. Now Amazon Game Studios has sent NME the following statement:


New World screenshot
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

“The team has been investigating this incident and working directly with the content creator involved to resolve this issue. The intended target for the strike was an advertisement on YouTube for a gold selling website.

“By mistake, the video was reported instead,” continues the statement from Amazon. “We have since removed the strike and the video is live again. We will revise our internal processes to ensure this issue does not impact other folks in the future. We apologise for this poor experience and any concerns it created.”

It appears then that the manual copyright strike on DataBank was just accidental and meant for gold selling. DataBank’s original video outlining the bug can be found here, just in case any other players want to make sure they don’t lose out on valuable XP and coins before Amazon Games Studio gets around to fixing it.

Last we heard when in contact with DataBank, they were planning to upload a video explaining the situation. We will update this article once that video is published.


In other news, the highly-anticipated handled Steam Deck now works with over 80 per cent of Steam’s top 100 titles.

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