‘Among Us’ devs disappointed by ‘Fortnite”s new ‘Impostors’ mode

The new mode is more than a little sus

Members of Innersloth, the developer behind hit indie game Among Us, have reacted to the new mode introduced to Fortnite yesterday (August 17).

The new mode, Fortnite Impostors, has eight players working together as Agents to protect and maintain The Bridge, while the other two work as Impostors to seize it for themselves.

It bears a number of similarities to Among Us, including the term ‘Impostor’ as well as how players can also call “Discussions”, which allow information to be shared through emotes and quick chat, followed by votes on whether to eject players suspected of being an Impostor.


It’s not gone unnoticed by the Among Us developer, who responded to the launch trailer on Twitter with an emoji used to express awkwardness or disappointment.

Individual members of the team also reacted to the new mode, albeit not explicitly referring to Fortnite or Epic Games. Community director Victoria Tran later tweeted, “It would’ve been really, really cool to collab.”

She added that “game mechanics fine, those shouldn’t be gatekept” – Among Us‘ social deduction mechanics also originate from live party game Mafia, first created in 1986, but expressed her disappointment that Epic Games didn’t go for “different themes or terminology”.

Before joining Innersloth, Tran was Community Director at developer Kitfox Games, who apologised for an “inadequate” content warning in Boyfriend Dungeon when the game launched last week.


Continuing in another tweet, Tran wrote “I think it’s just hitting me particularly hard today cause of all the bf stuff, plus this, and it hits so weirdly personal because it feels exactly like being a woman/POC in tech. It feels like a powerless ‘lol what’s the point anymore’ of making our own stories/content.”

Innersloth programmer Adriel Wallick also expressed her feelings in a separate tweet that linked to a meme, while adding, “This was just another fun reminder of how tiny we all really are.”

While Tran also confirmed to PC Gamer that Innersloth did not collaborate with Epic Games on Fortnite Impostors at all, she said that the studio is “working on some really cool collabs with other indie developers”, which it hopes to reveal soon.

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