Amouranth says “life is better” after swapping hot tub streams for ‘Overwatch’

"I get to do what I want and still make 7 [figure] money a month. Life is better”

Content warning: This article contains descriptions of domestic abuse.

Twitch streamer and social media influencer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has taken to Twitter to inform fans that “life is better,” after her public split from her husband following accusations that he was abusive in their relationship.

Amouranth went public with the allegations against her husband back in October, before ultimately leaving him and regaining control of her finances and streaming career – announcing during a stream that she was “seeking legal and emotional counsel.”


One month later, she has now posted a series of tweets giving her fans an update on how things have been going on her channel since. Among other accusations, it is alleged that her husband encouraged Amouranth to pretend to be single and forced her to commit to hot tub streams in order to drive up views.

Since leaving her husband, she has dramatically cut down on the number of hot tub streams. The Twitch streamer shared a breakdown of her content in a tweet (via Kotaku), in response to claims that her output “hasn’t changed” since leaving her husband. According to Amouranth, she has gone from over 50 per cent of her content being hot tub streams, to just below 10 per cent.

Amouranth added that she has streamed more Overwatch 2 than hot tub streams since the relationship, adding that this has “never happened” previously.

She also stressed that this new direction for the channel is not a rebrand, but is instead just about doing what she wants – something that she was allegedly unable to do during her relationship with her husband.

“Not about a rebrand,” said Amouranth. “I literally don’t care. I get to do what I want and still make 7 fig (sic) money a month. Life is better.”


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