Another ‘Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’ patch addresses fan criticisms

The patch improves many aspects of the troubled expansion

Frontier Developments has released a long list of fixes for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey in response to fan criticism.

Elite Dangerous’ latest expansion Odyssey was released on May 19 and was met with heavy criticism from players. This was shortly followed by several hotfixes and a large update. The latest update is the second to address common problems.

The Steam patch notes list a small number of AI tweaks and fixes such as “Ranged AI will now draw their pistol when investigating, rather than their rifle” and “AI reinforcements will no longer appear at Offline settlements if the power is restored, and the alarms raised.”.


Many of the fixes and tweaks focus on audio such as “Mix tweaks for Helmet radio comms effect and suit voice have been made – softened harsh high frequencies” and “Mix improvements and fix for impressionistic layers being audible outside of the concourse have been made – Will only be audible when in a Concourse.”

Taxi pilots were also changed and “will now say ‘goodbye’ at more sensible times instead of 15 seconds of awkward silence prior to being able to disembark.”

Optimisation passes have been made for many of the NPC’s which were new to Odyssey. These include “Optimisations for Vendors and NPCs in Social Spaces” and “Optimisations for Miner and Scientist NPCs in Settlements”. There were also improvements made to fire effects inside of rooms.

The largest list of fixes is UI-based. These include “In Loadouts UI, old stats which were wrongly being left visible when the stat data changes have been fixed.” As well as “Mission UI – Fixed an issue whereby the starport service will remember the last board selection, so you could open passenger lounge/community goals in the social space.”

Elsewhere Valorant Mobile has been announced as the game reaches one year since release.




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