‘Apex Legends’ Global Series will add console players to the competition

Console players will be locked to PC aim assist

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) will be including console players as it enters Year Two, with Respawn locking console aim assist to the PC standard.

As Apex Legends moves into its second year of official competitive play, Respawn opens the doors to Xbox and PlayStation players. Console players will be competing in the same lobbies as PC players.

To ensure competitive integrity, Respawn is enforcing the use of PC-value aim assist. This is weaker than native console aim assist but still allows controller users to compete with keyboard and mouse.


Controller usage in the ALGS is nothing new, with plenty of players using controllers plugged into their PC throughout the first year. Many of these players remained competitive throughout the event, with controllers having distinct advantages and disadvantages that added to an even playing field.

The format for the second year of the ALGS has been announced. Anyone with an Apex account can compete for a shot at the £3,600,000 prize pool ($5m USD). The competition will be played over two splits, culminating in the ALGS championship to determine a global winner.

Respawn currently have plans to run three of the events live and in person. These are the split one playoffs, the split two playoffs, and the championship itself. However, Respawn has added that these events may be converted to online ones, depending on the global situation.

The schedule for events is as follows:

  • Preseason Qualifiers: September – October 2021
  • Pro League Regular Season – Split 1: October – December 2021
  • Challenger Circuit – Split 1: October – December 2021
  • Split 2 Pro League Qualifiers: January 2022
  • Split 1 Playoffs: January 2022
  • Pro League Regular Season – Split 2: February – March 2022
  • Challenger Circuit – Split 2: February – March 2022
  • Split 2 Playoffs: May 2022
  • Championship Last Chance Qualifiers: May 2022
  • Year 2 – ALGS Championship: July 2022


Respawn recently revealed the upcoming Apex Legends character Seer. The reveal trailer was directed by Love, Death and Robots’ Robert Valley.