‘Apex Legends’ hotfix nerfs powerful recon legend Seer

Is it enough?

Respawn has released an Apex Legends hotfix that nerfs Seer, the legend added in the latest seasonal update.

Apex Legends players have expressed frustration at the power level of Seer since he was added, and Respawn has deployed a hotfix to help address those complaints. These kinds of changes would usually come in a mid-season balance patch, but Seer’s impact was so great that the fix needed to be deployed sooner.

Every part of Seer’s kit saw nerfs, with the majority going to his passive and active abilities.


Seer’s passive ability is a heartbeat sensor which allows him to see the rough location of other players in the form of colour-coded spikes around his reticle. The hotfix makes it so that players at full health will have more time between the heartbeat sensor’s more accurate pings.

The range at which Seer can detect players has also been reduced and FOV while using the ability has been reduced. These changes should make it harder to hit hidden players with Seer’s active consistently.

His active ability is a cylindrical beam that reveals enemies caught in the blast. It also displays their health and shields, which is a unique addition to Apex Legends. The beam has a delay when it is cast before it has an effect. This gives players a brief window to escape. The latest hotfix increases this delay to 1.6 seconds, up from 1.4. Players caught will no longer take damage or receive a blinding effect. The screen shake is also reduced. When casting the tactical, players will also move slower, introducing a trade-off for accuracy and mobility.

Seer’s ultimate has received some minor changes. He creates a huge dome that reveals all moving player footsteps within it. Now its cooldown is longer, being increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds. It has also had its volume reduced, which shouldn’t affect balance but is a good fix.


Modders recently added Titanfall style wall-running into Apex Legends to show how the feature would fit in.