‘Apex Legends’ wants cross-progress “sooner than later”

Respawn is also working on in-game gifting

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the details for Apex Legends season 14, as well as the long-term goals the studio has for the battle royale.

During the season 14 press event, the developer talked about its future plans for the free-to-play first-person shooter in a Q&A. It touched on ranked updates and in-game gifting and most notably the long-awaited cross-progression. According to the design director Evan Nikolich, this is something the development team wants “sooner than later.” (via VG247).

“We’re actively working on cross progression, but there’s no release date on it,” Nikolich said. “The game wasn’t built with it in mind, which makes it complicated. But I hear you, and I want cross progression too. It’s something we’re definitely working on – we want it sooner than later.”


Cross-progression would allow players to keep their progress and rewards when playing Apex Legends on multiple platforms, whether it be PC or console.

Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment.

“It is a very technically complex problem,” he added. “Our game wasn’t built, from the foundation, to address cross-progression. But I hear you – I want cross-progression… it’s something that we definitely are working on and want to get in sooner than later” (via PCGamesN).

In terms of in-game gifting, senior game designer Eric Canavese explained that this is something Respawn is “actively working on” but “we want to make sure it’s something people enjoy, something that doesn’t feel grindy”.

Season 14, entitled Apex Legends: Hunted is set to launch on August 9 and will introduce a brand-new champion named Vantage, as well as an increased level cap. Respawn has already provided new details on season 14’s reorganised Kings Canyon map.

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