‘Arma 3’ Creator DLC ‘CSLA Iron Curtain’ is out now on Steam

Fight through the Czechoslovakian countryside

Bohemia Interactive‘s latest DLC for Arma 3, created by third-party studios is now available on Steam with a release discount.

The expansion focuses on an alternate history border war between Czechoslovakian and US forces during the 1980s. The Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain is available on steam and has a discounted price of £9.89 (Full price of £10.99) until June 23.

The CDLC includes a new 256km2 map called Gebreta that features “deep forests, windswept mountains, and calm valleys”. It is a “Close representation of a once heavily guarded border between Czechoslovakia and West Germany.”


“This map depicts the southwestern border area of 1980s Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The vast border area divides the map into two different worlds.”

The expansion also includes two major forces and a smaller independent faction.

The United States Armed Forces receive several late cold war vehicles such as the M1 Abrams main battle tank, the m923 five-tonne truck, and an M163 Vulcan tracked anti-aircraft gun.

The US also receive several classic cold war weapons such as the M16A2 assault rifle, M60 machinegun, and the MP5 submachine gun. Also included are a few anti-vehicle weapons and static turrets.

The Czechoslovakian Armed Forces receive Sa-58P/V assault rifles, Uk-59 machine guns, and the Scorpion submachine gun. As far as vehicles go, they join the fight with T-72 main battle tanks BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, and an shKH-77 DANA self-propelled howitzer.

The independent faction is FIA guerrillas who use a combination of both main force’s equipment.


The steam page gives more details about the third-party developers who created this DLC. “The Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain was created by CSLA Studio – originally founded in early 2001, the CSLA Studio team focused on the history of the Cold War era in Czechoslovakia from the very beginning.”

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