‘Arma: Cold War Assault’ is temporarily free on Steam and GOG

Get it while it's free

Bohemia Interactive has made Arma: Cold War Assault free on Steam and GOG. The offer ends at 7 pm BST on June 24.

Arma: Cold War Assault was originally released as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis in 2001. It was later renamed to what we know it as today. The game is being given away for free on Steam and GOG as part of Bohemia Interactive’s 20th anniversary of the Arma series celebration.

Additionally, Bohemia Interactive has released an anniversary pack on Steam which includes every first-party Arma release.


Arma: Cold War Assault features two 100km2 maps on the fictitious islands of Malden and Nogova. Players could pick up a rifle, command a tank, or deliver precise fire from an A-10 Warthog. The game contains a 20 mission campaign and a mission editor for players to create their own single and multiplayer scenarios. At one time, Arma: Cold War Assault was the No.1 best selling PC game across the globe.

The anniversary stream contained orchestral covers of the Arma soundtrack and discussions about the history of the franchise.

Shortly before the beginning of the 20th-anniversary celebrations, Bohemia released a new creator DLC for Arma 3. CLSA Iron Curtain is set in an alternate history 1980s and allows players to explore the new Gabreta map. The pack also comes with a US forces faction and a Czechoslovakian faction. Along with these factions, 35 new weapons and 52 new ground vehicle variants were added.

Bohemia Interactive has been using creator DLC to provide content to players while working on their own projects. So far, three of these creator DLC’s have been released, Global Mobilisation, S.O.G Prairie Fire, and Iron Curtain.

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