‘Armored Core 6’ gets August release date with explosive first gameplay trailer

The game will be coming to both current and last-gen consoles

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have confirmed an August release date for their upcoming sci-fi game Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon, with a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game in action.

Armored Core 6 will arrive on August 25, 2023 — just over 11 years since the last mainline Armored Core game was released.

As for platforms, the upcoming game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and has been priced at £49.99 on Steam.


The first gameplay trailer for Armored Core 6 was shared today (April 27), revealing players piloting a customisable mech and pitting it against a wide variety of rival robots.

Check out the trailer below.

The trailer confirms that players’ mechs will be highly customisable, with the protagonist using everything from cluster rockets to lasers to take down opponents; while one scene shows the player swapping their mech’s legs for tank tracks.

While FromSoftware is yet to touch on the game’s plot, the Steam page for Armored Core 6 says players will “pilot their mech in fast-paced, omni-directional battles, taking advantage of massive stages and their mech’s mobility on land and in the air to ensure victory”.

“Customise Armored Core parts to suit a large variety of playstyles,” the page continues. “Selecting different parts not only changes the mech’s attacks, but also directly affects its movement and battle style, so each mission can be approached with a unique mech strategy.”


The game will be published and jointly developed by Bandai Namco, the same company to publish Fromsoftware’s 2022 hit Elden Ring and its Dark Souls series.

Speaking of which, Fromsoftware has claimed that Armored Core 6 has been based on “the knowledged gained” from its recent action games.

However, this doesn’t mean the studio is moving on from Elden Ring — as detailed in February, a major expansion called Shadow Of The Erdtree is still in the works.

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