Asmongold says ‘New World’ “will get better” with future updates

This is despite being overshadowed by Amazon's latest MMO, ‘Lost Ark’

MMO streamer Asmongold has given his thoughts on the state of New World, and thinks it’s going to end up like Guild Wars 2 and have a resurgence in players when it gets updated.

Lost Ark is Amazon Game Studios’ first big success”, said Asmongold (thanks, Dexerto), “I think that over time with New World, the experience of the game will get better. New World is going to be a lot like Guild Wars 2 in the way that you don’t have to pay a subscription or anything like that”.


Lost Ark was already available in Asian markets, but it only came to the West this year, and has been a big success. Both Lost Ark and New World are published by Amazon, but the numbers suggest that not only is Lost Ark winning in terms of concurrent players, it’s also dominating on the likes of streaming platform Twitch, at times even beating mainstay games like Grand Theft Auto and League of Legends.

Regarding New World, however, Asmongold said: “There are going to be people that just buy the game and come back regularly to play it every once in a while whenever new content comes out. However, because it’s a game that’s simply buy-to-play, there’s not a barrier to entry to coming back to play the game again.”

Reacting to his chat, he agrees with one user who said New World made Amazon a lot of money. Asmongold reacted, saying: “I think that’s why they’re still trying to stick around with it. They’re still trying to keep making money from it because, yeah, it probably did make them a tonne of fucking money”.

NME’s Jake Tucker gave New World a four-star review, saying “The foundation is strong, and if nothing else, it feels good to batter things with a spear”. New World has been given a 2022 road map this month, which includes three new expeditions, a 3v3 arena, two new weapons, and a new zone.

Meanwhile Lost Ark got three stars from Jen Allen, who said “Fun it may be for a time, it soon turns into effort that makes you less keen to keep on returning”. The developer, Smilegate, recently shared that it will consider a console version of the game, as it thinks there’s an opportunity to make Lost Ark a “major player”.


In other news, the head of Amazon Games, Mike Frazzini, has stepped down from his role as vice president to focus on his family. He has been with the company’s game division since 2009 and helped form the game studio.

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