‘Back 4 Blood: Children Of The Worm’ trailer reveals Prophet Dan in action

'Children Of The Worm' releases today

Turtle Rock Studios has released the launch trailer for Back 4 Blood‘s Children Of The Worm expansion, revealing the first look at Prophet Dan.

Prophet Dan is the next playable Cleaner that will be available to players with Children Of The Worm’s release. He’s an Irishman and self-proclaimed preacher who is trying to rescue his followers from the cult that’s actively trying to spread the Ridden virus. Players will discover more about the new enemy in Act 5.

Story details are sparse right now, but there are reports that “describe an alarming rise of attacks on survivors along the coast of the Kanowa River.” This can only refer to the cult who are ambushing unsuspecting groups, to either kidnap or butcher them. Prophet Dan’s arrival will begin the new quest to combat the cult.


You can check out the launch trailer below which is narrated by Prophet Dan and also includes footage of new locations such as the Kanowa County Jail, enemy snipers with laser markers, new Ridden, and of course glimpses of the cult.

Launching today (August 30), the second Back 4 Blood expansion features six brand-new chapters alongside the new Cleaner, as well as eight character skins, 12 weapon skins, new weapons,  accessories, and cards. Some of the new weapons include Wolverine-like Iron Claws and the introduction of the bow.

Following the launch of the survival horror game last year, Turtle Rock revealed the game’s roadmap which details every content update that will arrive throughout 2022.

Back 4 Blood‘s first expansion Tunnels of Terror was released in April and featured the all-new PvE areas Ridden Hives, along with two new playable Cleaners, and a bunch of other miscellaneous updates.

In other news, an all-new Mafia game is now in development.