‘Back 4 Blood’ players can now use a full card deck across all difficulties

Full Deck Draw has been rolled out to all difficulties, along with more updates in the recent patch

Turtle Rock Studios has released the latest patch for co-operative zombie shooter Back 4 Blood, which includes new features, campaign updates, Swarm PVP updates, UI updates and the ability to play with a full deck.

The biggest feature of the most recent update, which went live yesterday (June 7) is the Full Deck Draw mode. This allows players to use all 15 cards from their deck at the start of a Campaign for all difficulties.

In the full patch notes, Turtle Rock said: “We felt like the 15 card draw in No Hope went over well with the community, and wanted to roll out this option to all difficulties. In the future we are considering adding multiple deck styles like ordered draw and full random decks. Some difficulties have been rebalanced to work better with this feature.”


Back for Blood credit: Turtle Rock Studios

There’s also a new player kicking feature in Back 4 Blood, to identify and allow kicking of other players if they become inactive or deal too much friendly fire damage, for example. The system prevents misuse by only triggering the kick if someone is playing outside the bounds of the game. Turtle Rock also note here that this system is not final and that it will be monitoring it closely due to finding traditional vote to kick systems “exploitable and toxic”.

As well as these new features, there have also been new banners, sprays and emblems added as well. This includes 12 new Burn cards, Warped Chest Corruption cards, Cleaner skins and Legendary accessories.

The Campaign update list is very extensive, with helpful developer notes throughout to explain the reasoning for each of the changes. You can find the full list of patch notes on the Back 4 Blood website.

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