‘Back 4 Blood’ trailer details how innovative new card system works

The co-op zombie shooter is coming in October

Back 4 Blood isn’t just a spiritual successor to Turtle Rock Studio’s Left 4 Dead series.

Warner Bros. Games has released a new trailer to showcase the game’s unique card system that will make each run different from the last.

In Back 4 Blood, a team of four players must work together to survive against hordes of undead known as Ridden.


The twist is that each game is overseen by an AI Game Director that responds to player actions by introducing new elements and surprises using a deck of cards.

“As you jump into a mission, the Game Director will play a set of Corruption Cards,” the Back 4 Blood trailer’s voice over explains. “Corruption Cards can modify environmental conditions, add challenges, and send special mutations your way.”

Players however will also have their own deck of cards to play, which they can strategise with their teammates before the match begins. Cards can offer buffs or bonuses to amplify playstyles or weapon preferences.

Back 4 Blood promises a huge choice of cards allowing for vast customisation, with the ability to unlock more cards by completing optional challenges and objectives.

It will also be possible to choose from pre-made decks for players who just want to jump straight into the action.


Back 4 Blood was delayed to October but still has a beta planned for the summer.

Elsewhere, leaked documents during Epic and Apple’s legal battle indicate that Dead Island 2 will reportedly be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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