‘Baldur’s Gate III’ Patch 5 lets players disarm enemies and knock them out

Who needs charisma when you can choose violence?

The upcoming Patch 5 for Baldur’s Gate III on PC adds a host of new features and improvements to existing content.

Upcoming features were teased through the ‘Panel From Hell III’ livestream, which sprinkled Patch 5 information through a viewer-directed Twitch LARP.

The patch will release on Tuesday, July 13.


Patch 5 focuses mainly on making improvements to existing content and bringing over several new features from D&D.

Players now have many more ways to deal with enemies during encounters, as the patch will allow new ways to incapacitate unfriendly mobs. This includes the ability to render NPCs unconscious and disarm them.

On the other hand, enemies will now be able to pick up new weapons from their environment and can subsequently choose to throw them at you. Combined with improvements to combat AI for both friend and foe, players should be able to enjoy more varied experiences in battle.

When setting up camp, players will also need to consider all-new camp resources before selecting a long or short rest. Things like food will now be required for long rests, meaning the decision between a short and long rest will soon be more consequential.

Larian studios has also added significant improvements to the background system. With Patch 5, all characters will now have ‘Background Goals’, mini-quests that reward Baldur’s Gate III players for acting in a way that aligns with their backgrounds.


As PCGamesN reports, these rewards will include inspiration points and other bonuses.

Finally, camps are being updated to remain visually relevant with wherever your current location is. VG247 notes that ‘Mini Camps’ will be added as an “alternative to returning to your HQ by the river” and will include locations at every landmark.

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