‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ sequel concept artwork potentially found

Batman but dad bod

Previously unseen artwork for a cancelled Batman game, which is speculated to be a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight, has surfaced showcasing unused Batsuits.

The concept artwork, which was discovered by Reddit user u/thebananapeeler2, is drawn by freelance artist Goran Bukvic, who posted the designs to ArtStation 6 days ago (November 3). He disclosed along with the post:

“Note – this is NOT concept art for upcoming Batman movie, These concepts were done for a cancelled game a long time ago. Had a lot of fun with these.”


The art features nine different pictures of Batman using three different designs. The last design shown is similar to many previous iterations of the dark knight, although it does show off a large, flowing cape which is a signature look for the ‘caped’ crusader but not always present in modern designs.

The second concept features a younger-looking Batman in a suit featuring red accents. The bat symbol as well as the edges of certain parts of the suit are highlighted in a bright red. What gives the suit a menacing look is that our superhero also has red eyes, giving a dark glare.

The most interesting design concept features a much older Batman with a grizzled grey beard. He also has a much bulkier posture and frame reflecting an older crusader than the one usually featured. The suit itself is fairly safe though displays a lot of added utility.

While the game was reportedly cancelled a long time ago, it is interesting to see how studios were looking at different Batman designs to be used in projects.


In other news, in a financial results meeting, Shigeru Miyamoto announced that he wants the new Super Mario games to expand into new ways, detailing in the past how the franchise has changed and developed over the years.

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