‘Battlefield 2042’ is free for Xbox Live Gold members this weekend

Battlefield Free

It has been announced that Battlefield 2042 will be free to play for Xbox Live Gold members this weekend.

Players will experience the entire game at no additional cost as part of Xbox’s Free Play Days. This follows the news that the popular Rush mode would be removed from the game, despite players asking for it to be added permanently.

The shooter has faced a difficult time as of late, with player sentiment at an all-time low. Recently, mods for the official subreddit warned users that they might have to shut down the forum if the toxicity against developers DICE doesn’t improve.


The news comes after a tweet thread by a Battlefield 2042 spokesperson led to a social media dogpile with fans criticising the game and its developer – EA DICE.

The tweets were shared on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, which led to significant backlash. While some fans understood the need for a break, others mocked McNamara or complained.

The Battlefield 2042 subreddit mod team then published a post telling the community to be less toxic or not post at all. The post explains that three options are being considered. The subreddit will continue without “further restrictions” if toxicity goes down. Alternatively, if it stays at current levels, threads will be locked early. Finally, if it increases, the subreddit will be closed for a period of time.

Elsewhere, A new Japanese trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus has given an overview of the new gameplay mechanics coming to the series.

The six-minute-long trailer, which you can here below, begins with footage of Pokemon such as Purugly, Turtwig and Magikarp roaming in the new Pokémon world of Hisue, an ancient version of the Sinnoh region from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.