‘Battlefield 2042’ Season 1 might be starting in March 2022

The new map is supposedly called "Exposure"

According to a new data leak, Battlefield 2042 season one might begin during March 2022.

As reported by VGC, a reliable Battlefield dataminer has discovered new information regarding the game’s upcoming season one. Temporyal tweeted that “The #Battlefield2042 client includes weekly missions for 12 preseason weeks”, which points to a March 2022 release date.

Season one is also expected to include a new map, and the data miner has seemingly discovered that it will be called “Exposure” after being originally thought to be named “Ridge”.


The tweet shared also includes some brief information about a mysterious landslide for players playing on the sides of the USA and Russia, providing additional context for the supposed new map.

For USA, it reads: “Siesmic activity in British Columbia has damaged a Canadian-US research facility base. A landslide has exploded the interior and damaged the surrounding area.”

“A landslide in the Canadian rockies granted us a view inside the Black Ridge facility,” the Russian side reads. “And what we see is a direct threat – a weapon that cannot be allowed to continue to operate.”

Elsewhere, it was recently revealed that Battlefield 2042 was once supposed to feature “earthquakes, fire tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions”. Industry insider, Tom Henderson, shared that EA DICE cut the weather effects to focus on the game’s twister – the only weather effect to make it into the final product.

The game launched on November 19 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, the Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox Series X|S. In NME’s Battlefield 2042 review, Jake Tucker said that the game’s “biggest problem is it tries to deliver power to the players at the expense of everything else. However, when every player is exceptional all of the time, the end result is that everything just appears altogether ordinary.”


In other news, Konami has confirmed that Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel will have a cross-play and cross-save functionality at launch.

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