‘Battlefield 2042’ to bring back the franchise’s class system

Season three will see the "polarising" Specialists changed

A number of fan-requested changes and improvements are coming to Battlefield 2042, as EA is planning to integrate Specialists into the old-school class system.

Developer EA Dice has detailed what players can expect from this major update to Battlefield 2042, and it includes the reintroduction of classes, map reworks, weapon changes and additions and more.

These changes should be coming over the next few seasons of the game, with no concrete release date outlined for them as of yet.


Currently, Battlefield 2042 uses a Specialist system, which the developer itself calls a “polarising” decision. Season three will thus see Specialists moved into the classic class system: Assault, Recon, Support and Engineer. Specialists will not be removed from the game but instead integrated into the changed system.

Check out the update video with all the details below:

Season two will also include Vault Weapons (from previous games), like Battlefield 3’s M16A3 assault rifle and M60E4 LMG. More classic weapons will be added through Battlefield 2042’s seasons as well.

The updated versions of maps Renewal and Orbital will become available to players this year as well, in September and October respectively. The visuals and mechanical improvements are detailed for both maps in the above video.

Season two’s reveal is also “just around the corner” according to EA Dice, and it’ll include a new map, specialist, and equipment that can be used online.


Earlier in the year, EA Dice made it clear that it currently has no time for other projects outside of the current Battlefield game, saying: “It’s important for us to improve Battlefield 204‘ and the experience that we can provide to our players. We owe them that.”

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