‘Battlefield 2042”s All-Out Warfare game mode detailed

Choose your engagements in new modes

EA Dice‘s Battlefield 2042 game designer Daniel Berlin joined the Xbox Games Showcase Extended to talk about the upcoming game’s modes.

The game will feature three main experiences, with All-Out Warfare being discussed during the event. This mode combines two game modes, Conquest and Breakthrough.

Conquest is a classic mode of the Battlefield franchise and sees two teams fight over points in a completely open and unrestricted map. Berlin says that conquest in 2042 will be “conquest to the max”.


The mode is about freedom of choice, letting players choose which fights they want to take and what route to approach. Conquest has a mix of quiet decision making and moments of absolute chaos when all player converge on one location.

Breakthrough is a mode in which teams will fight over specific points in more tailored engagements. Each match will guide players through the entire map, with one side defending while the other attacks. This mode is condensed when compared to conquest and allows players to get into fights quickly.

Berlin also discussed the new approach to map design, saying that you can’t just increase the size of the map with more players. Instead, they used a system called “clustering”. This allows maps to be massive battlefields that contain clusters of objectives.

He uses the Battlefield 2042 map ‘Hourglass’ as an example. It contains a fully destructible village which can be considered one of many “clusters”. Elsewhere on the map is a collection of high-rises giving a different type of combat.


Clustering has also changed how capturing locations work. The Stadium was used as an example that will contain multiple small points—all of these need to be captured for your team to secure the stadium completely.

Battlefield 2042 is available for pre-purchase on Steam, Origin, and consoles.

EA has announced that Battlefield 2042 will feature AI ‘server-filling’ bots that maintain player numbers outside of peak playing hours.