‘Battlefield 2042’ official name, artwork, and release date seemingly leaked

The next 'Battlefield' is set to be revealed during today's live stream

The official name, artwork and release date for the upcoming Battlefield 6 have seemingly leaked ahead of the EA live stream.

According to a new Reddit thread, it looks like the next game in the first-person shooter franchise is called Battlefield 2042 and will release October 15.

The leak was supposedly discovered through EA’s game launcher, Origin, where the summary of the game, details about its maps as well as official artwork has been found.


Here’s the official cover art for Battlefield 2042:

“Welcome to A World Transformed,” the leaked summary reads, “U.S.A. and Russia stand at the brink of war. Proxy wars have waged for decades, generating experienced but displaced combat veterans. These Specialists use their skills to shape the future — a future worth fighting for.”

Battlefield 2042 will apparently introduce “seven vast maps” for up to “128 players”, including Seoul’s cities, Egypt’s deserts, and more.

The game will also have customizable weapons, gadgets and vehicles, along with a grappling hook, wingsuit and a “robotic dog built for battle” that players can summon.

In addition, a description detailing an open beta of Battlefield says: “Members can deploy early with Access to the Open Beta, Full Ultimate Edition Game Access on October 15, Monthly Rewards and more”.


Open Beta will reward players with in-game items such as a melee takedown knife, a “Mr Chompy” Epic Weapon Charm, and more.

Battlefield is also set to release with a Standard, Gold, and Ultimate Edition. Pre-order details were not included in the leak.

Earlier this week (June 5) more Battlefield 6 leaks showed off near-future vehicles, which hinted at the game’s theme and time period.

Electronic Art’s Battlefield live stream is set to air today at 3pm BST / 7am PT / 10AM ET on the official YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, a Dead Space comeback has been hinted at by industry insiders.