Belts are not completely vanishing from ‘Final Fantasy 14’

Their demise has been greatly exaggerated

It’s been confirmed that belts are not being removed from Final Fantasy 14, though players won’t be able to equip them anymore.

Earlier insight into belts in the game suggested that they may be entirely removed, but that isn’t actually the case. As explained in a lengthy post from the developer team, it’s simply that belts will no longer be obtainable or equippable following the release of Patch 6.0. They won’t, however, simply vanish.

Instead, any belts in a player’s armoury chest or equipment will be transferred to the Calamity salvager. Players will still be able to turn in belts for expert delivery missions as well as sell them to NPCs or desynthesize them.


However, it won’t be possible to sell them on the market board and it’s not possible to extract materia from belts once the patch hits either. Players who have spirit bonded belts will need to take this into consideration but it is possible to remove affixed materia after the update lands.

Any achievements that require a certain number of unique recipes completed will require fewer items, plus any achievements that involve specific pieces of gears to be equipped will no longer need belts.

Finally, for anyone worried about their speed belt, the notes explain that the Calamity salvager will give players a ring with the same effect.

Calamity salvagers are located at Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks (X:11 Y:14), Old Gridania (X:9 Y:8), and Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:12 Y:13).

With so much going on in the world of belts, you would think there wasn’t much time for anything else in Final Fantasy 14. Fortunately, it’s also now possible to pay $7 to be a mime thanks to a new cosmetic emote.


On a far more poignant note, Final Fantasy 14 players have held vigils for Stephen Critchlow, a voice actor from Heavensward, who died recently.