‘Biomutant’ patch makes tutorial better and lets you turn off the narrator

Patch 1.4 is currently available on PC

Biomutant‘s first post-launch patch adds a long list of updates and gives players the choice to turn off the narrator.

Patch 1.4, which is currently available on PC, has introduced a massive improvement to Biomutant‘s tutorial area in order to “improve the pacing of the early parts of the game”.

Developer Experiment 101 has edited dialogue to be shorter and added more enemies and loot to the starting areas.


More additions include the removal of multiple camera presentations to improve pacing, as well as several gameplay updates for the starting area.

As for Biomutant‘s dialogue, the amount of “gibberish” spoken before the narrator starts translating has been reduced, and a new option for players to turn off “Gibberish” and “Narrator” has been patched into the settings.

Furthermore, an “Extreme” difficulty has been added to the game where enemy damage and attack rate is further increased, along with an update to New Game+ that has opened up all class perks for players to choose from.

The patch notes also include several more updates to gameplay, sound, combat, items and loot, as well as some quality of life PC improvements such as a new motion blur slider. The full list of changes can be viewed on the official Biomutant Steam page.


Experiment 101 noted that patch 1.4 is currently only available for PC and will be pushed onto consoles “as soon as possible”.

Biomutant launched on May 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is also available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility.

In January, Biomutant’s developer explained that the lack of updates was to avoid crunch.