BioWare teases ‘Dragon Age 4’ fans with another trailer

Still no word on when the game will be released

BioWare has released a new trailer for its upcoming entry in the Dragon Age series.

After initially being revealed at The Game Awards in 2019, the developer returned again this year to tease the next instalment further and deliver the most extensive look at the game yet.

Simply titled Dragon Age, the trailer shows a unique new look at the world, deviating from the traditional fantasy setting its predecessors strived for. From gothic cities that use magic as neon lighting to stunning countryside vistas, the next entry is looking to be a bold new take on the series.


The game still seems firmly set in the lore presented within previous games, as fan-favourite character Solas was given another brief glimpse in the trailer’s closing seconds.

Check it out below:

There’s no set release date or confirmed systems for Dragon Age yet, although the team spoke earlier this year about the game’s development and revealed it’s “making progress” despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forcing the developers to work from home.

Other striking imagery was also teased during an EA Play event in June when the company’s vision for next-gen was shared, along with a behind-the-scenes video diving deeper into the upcoming project back in August.


BioWare didn’t stop its Game Awards announcements at Dragon Age either, as the show closed with the first trailer for a new Mass Effect entry. While the project is in early development, the short tease contained clues to where the narrative may be heading.


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