‘Bloodborne’ PS1 demake reveals January release date with a new trailer

"Good. All signed and sealed. Now, let's begin the transfusion"

The fan-made Bloodborne remake that reimagines it as a PS1 classic finally has a release date.

Launching on January 31 next year, the announcement of a release date was also accompanied by a new trailer, which can be watched below.

The trailer shows off plenty of third person action and original music from The Noble Demon, with the trailer theme free to listen to at this link as well. Everything looks to be in order for this demake, as moves like the sidestep and riposte are present, with plenty of bosses and enemies also making an reappearance.

Father Gascoigne rears his head in the trailer, and you can watch gameplay of that boss fight that was released back in July as well, as it seems like this fan-project is incredibly close to completion.

You can also find the first ten minutes of gameplay and cutscenes from the Bloodborne PS1 demake here, as it was recently released online by the developer. The video even recreates the iconic PS1 start-up screen, and makes a scanline-ridden version of the Bloodborne menu screen as well.

Bloodborne demake Father Gascoigne
Blooborne demake Credit: Lilith Walther

The nostalgic crunch of in-game noise is also present in this PlayStation demake, as it looks to (for the most part) faithfully recreate the core of Bloodborne as if it was designed over two decades ago.

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