Bondee creator Metadream denies allegations the app has leaked users’ credit card info

The Singapore-based company has denied claims that its popular social networking app has “scammed” some users of their credit card information

The company Metadream has denied allegations that its popular new social networking app Bondee has “scammed” some users of their credit card information.

The app, which allows its users to create customised avatars and interact with their friends in their rooms, has soared in popularity in Asia over the past week. As the Straits Times reports, some users shared screenshots on social media alleging that they had been the victims of unauthorised bank transfers after downloading Bondee.

In one screenshot published by the newspaper, Bondee is labelled a “scam” and accused of being the reason for an unauthorised S$88 debit card transaction. Users have also been discussing the allegations on Twitter, Tiktok and other platforms.



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The Singapore-based company behind Bondee, Metadream, denied the claims in a statement posted to the official Bondee Instagram account on Friday (January 27).

Addressing “rumours circulating on various social media platforms alleging that the credit card information of Bondee users had been leaked through their use of the Bondee platform”, the company called the claims “false and untrue”.

“Metadream does not currently collect users’ credit card information or any other financial information,” the statement reads. “We have also undertaken a precautionary review of our systems and wish to assure our users that our systems and our users’ personal data remain safe and secure.”


Metadream said that it would “not hesitate” to take action against the perpetrators of misinformation about Bondee and Metadream, “including but not limited to commencing legal actions and making police reports”. Read the full Metadream statement below.

Metadream statement on Bondee scam allegations
Metadream statement on Bondee credit card scam allegations. Credit: Bondee official Instagram

Bondee has soared in popularity since its launch earlier this month, topping app store charts in multiple countries. Billed by Metadream as a “next-gen social app”, the app – which is currently available primarily in Asia – allows users to customise their 3D-animated avatars and their avatars’ rooms. Bondee users can also add friends and chat, play games together and more on the app.

Bondee is free to download, and upon sign-up, users are not asked for payment details or credit card information. In-app purchases are an element of Bondee, however, with its app store page describing in-app purchases of “B-beans”.

Metadream is a Singapore-based independent tech startup that bought the app last year, building on that app to create Bondee. As the Straits Times reports, some users have noted similarities between Bondee and the Chinese app Zheli, which was created by and later removed from app stores after its data privacy practices came under scrutiny.

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