‘Borderlands 3’ starts mini-events to celebrate second anniversary

Legendary loot is up for grabs

Gearbox Software will run five weeks of mini-events in Borderlands 3 to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

Borderlands 3 turns two years old on September 13, and to celebrate, Gearbox is running four Loot the Universe events, followed by two unique events for the final week. According to the post on the Borderlands website, players should keep their eyes open for further celebrations coming on the anniversary itself.

The Loot the Universe events have already begun. Similar events were also run last year so players may be familiar with the mechanics but for those that aren’t, each planet takes it in turns to have boosted legendary drop rates. However, only certain zones will be improved, and it will be up to the community to discover where is affected and what items are dropping there.


Each affected zone will drop one weapons type, either pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, or heavy. They may also have increased chances for class mods, artefacts, shields, or grenade mods.

Currently, Pandora is the affected planet and will be the source of bonus legendaries until 5 pm on August 19. Promethea will then be the active planet until August 26, followed by Eden-6 until September 2, and finally Nekrotafeyo until September 9.

Once the Loot The Universe event ends, two new mini-events will run at the same time. One is Mayhem Made Mild, in which only easy modifiers will be active in Mayhem Mode. Simultaneously Show Me The Eridium will also be active, which grants increased Eridium drops and item discounts. This will be active in Borderlands 3 until September 16.

Gearbox has also said that further celebrations are planned for September 13, but they don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet.


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