Borders Blurred is a new agency aiming to create in-game music events

The agency wants to bring more musical performances to in-game venues

A new music and gaming agency is aiming to develop crossover events that merge the rising trend of in-game live music experiences.

Borders Blurred is music journalist and musician John Robb, gaming specialist John Armstrong and industry veterans Bruce Thomans and David Elkabas. The agency invites players to “put on your virtual wellies and dive into a music festival coming to a video game near you”.

The press release says “Borders Blurred believe that the crossover between music and esports & gaming is where the exciting stuff is happening and we are the drivers and the facilitators of this brave new world.”


The company has a slew of upcoming musical video game projects in mind, with bands wanting to play live esports events and an Ibiza club wanting to stream a ‘sunset party’ in a suitable game.

On the new venture, Robb said: “I’ve always been addicted to the future. Music was always a portal into the blade runner possibilities of ideas and tech. Music and gaming are the frontline and the borders between the physical and the virtual are blurred…”

Initial discussions told the team at Borders Blurred that their own information could be used to stream musical performances to any game that could host them. Armstrong added that: “Further discussions with talent and talent management and we knew we were onto a winner when not one (*understandably) said that video game audiences weren’t for them.”

Robb and Armstrong thus decided to join up with Decibel, who “cut their teeth” with bands like The Rolling Stones and The Charlatans.

This comes off the back of companies like Rockstar creating a music label, and Fortnite hosting an interactive stadium-filled music gig.


In other news, Nintendo has announced three more titles coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service. They include Claymates, Jelly Boy and Bombuzal.