Bungie announces ‘Destiny 2’ Season of the Splicer

It's time to take on the Vex, once again

Bungie has announced that the next season of Destiny 2, titled Season Of The Splicer, will arrive next Tuesday (May 11).

Season Of The Splicer will see The Last City plunged into darkness by the Vex. The Last City is the only remaining human settlement after the collapse of civilisation at the hands of an alien civilisation.

A mysterious spherical entity known as the Traveler protected The Last City until the Vex unleashed a never-ending night. Working alongside Ikora and Mithrax, players will need to stop the Vex and return light to Earth.


Two new activities will arrive when the season launches next week, providing players with two different opportunities for powering up Guardians.

A new six-player match-made activity titled Override tasks players using splicer tech to hack into the Vex network. Similar to previous seasonal activities, Override revolves around taking down waves of enemies while completing objectives as a team.

The other activity is a new weekly pinnacle mission titled Expunge. Pinnacle missions reward loot drops that exceed the power level hard-cap. The current hard-cap is 1300 and players need pinnacle drops to reach the pinnacle cap of 1310. In Season Of The Splicer, the new pinnacle cap will be 1320.

There are over 30 new and reprised legendary weapons launching in the new season, including a new exotic sidearm which is included in the season pass. The Cryosthesia 77k is the first stasis-powered sidearm in the game.

Season Of The Splicer will also introduce armour synthesis. The system allows players to move the stats of one piece of armour on to the visual look of another. Typically referred to as a ‘transmog system’ in massively-multiplayer online titles, the system allows for deeper player customisation.


Bungie announced that the Vault of Glass raid from the original Destiny will launch during ‘Season of the Splicer’. Later this month (May 22), players can return to an updated version of the fan-favourite raid. Vault of Glass will be free to all players.

Season Of The Splicer launches May 11 and will last until August 24 when the next season begins.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Sony has charged developers for the use of cross-play. The information was revealed in documents used in the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit.

Sony had famously blocked cross-platform play, which allows people to play the same video game together on different platforms, in the past for titles including Minecraft and Rocket League. Both those titles feature Xbox and Nintendo Switch cross-play capabilities.